BPME began operating in 2015 with General Medical English courses for doctors, nurses and therapists, in public and private practice, and with clients within Germany but also greater continental Europe, India, Australia, and South America. 

As from its beginning, teaching, materials and learning objectives are based on hands-on experience in medical practice, international language benchmarks such as the CEFL and ALTE scale, issues of adult foreign language acquisition, and study of curriculum development.

BPME is a Premium Preparation provider (September 2018) located in continental Europe (Germany) but has been delivering OET Preparation since 2014.
OET Premium Providers have been through a comprehensive training course and demonstrated high levels of quality in material creation and curriculum planning. 
In BPME, Placement Testing guides recommendations for OET Preparation. For those who score lower than the recommended B2+/C1 level for OET Preparation, General and Medical English sessions target development and practice of fundamental language structure like vocabulary and grammar, and communication skills speaking, listening, reading and writing.



“I know what healthcare professionals go through everyday. My goal is to help them understand the real-life English they need, as well as their own foreign language learning process.”

Alecia Banfield MBBS MPH practiced hospital and private clinical medicine in the West Indies, and was Deputy Medical Officer of Health for a primary care clinic before turning her career to ESL and Medical English after moving to Germany. Her medical background was the basis for development of BPME courses. She is a certified TESOL teacher and Premium OET Preparation Provider.


“Global health is a favorite topic of mine. Having worked in ‘extreme medicine’ environments, I know you need the exact language at your fingertips, even under life-and- death pressure. I put my background to work to help make English second nature to my students.”

Cameron Glass was a surgical assistant before qualifying as a paramedic, working in urban Calgary as well as remote arctic communities in Canada. He also managed healthcare programs and taught in Canadian institutions. After moving to Colombia, South America, he turned his attention to ESL and specialised in providing Medical English for doctors and nurses. He has expertise in OET, IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation. He is a certified TEFL teacher and Premium OET Preparation Provider.

With special thanks to:

Dr. John Goodyear, BSc, MA, PhD (London)
• Academic Consultant

Dr. Goodyear is language teacher, teacher trainer, and language and history researcher.
He earned a PhD from the Queen Mary, University of London, and is a teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham, where he specialises in German and English as a Modern Language, and is a recognized and knowledgeable voice on the Occupational English Test.
His 20 years of classroom experience and curriculum development informs the standard of BPME's materials and teacher practice.




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