OET Writing: Outlining Treatment, Response and Follow up

oet writing Mar 03, 2020

Language for mentioning prescribed medications and other treatment, describing surgical procedures, effects of treatments. 

Pay attention to the tenses and how the sentences are structured.

Mentioning prescribed medications and other treatment

Mr. St. Paul was prescribed OR was treated with ... (medication + dosage)
He was given ... (treatment 1 + treatment 2 +...)
I prescribed ... (treatment 1) followed by ...  (treatment 2), in addition to OR combined with... (treatment 3)

I advised him on ... (management of problem OR action to take)

Describe surgical procedure

An arthroplasty was performed


He underwent ... (surgery OR procedure)

Describe effect of treatment

Initially he responded well to ...(treatment)
Unfortunately his (symptoms) flared up again.
After (event or reaction), his medication was changed to ... (medication)

Mentioning recovery

Good outcome

He has been able to...(activity e.g. shower) without assistance


His post operative recovery was successful OR uncomplicated OR uneventful OR normal

Bad outcome

His short-term memory has worsened

His general condition has deteriorate

Mentioning further advice given

He was advised to ...(do something)
Mr. St. Paul was given advice on ... (activity OR treatment OR outcome)
If he gets any worse within (time frame), he should ....



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