OET Writing Criteria: Language

oet writing criteria Mar 10, 2020

The OET Candidate considers aspects of language proficiency such as vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation. 

Health professionals are concerned with linguistic features only to the extent that they facilitate or obstruct retrieval of information. This criterion examines whether the language is accurate, used appropriately and whether it interferes with reading comprehension or speed.

The language of a professional letter need not be elaborate. However, overly simplistic sentences usually do not relay information as efficiently as possible, nor do they convey the appropriate tone and register. Additionally, too many errors in structure, spelling and punctuation can distract from efficiently retrieving information.

  • Use correct grammar e.g. correct tenses in relaying timelines.
  • Beware of spelling of similar sounding words, as this can confuse meaning
  • Use correct punctuation, as this assists in understanding flow of information


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